Round table of members of non-governmental organizations, who provide social services.

In the Kamyanets-Podilsky representative office of the charitable foundation “Hesed Besht” a meeting of like-minded people on the provision and prospects of social development took place, cultural, household, educational and other services for the elderly and people with disabilities. The purpose of the round table – work of municipal and non-governmental organizations in partnership. The moderator of the round table was the mayor's adviser on social issues Pidskotska NK

Attendees discussed issues of service innovation by increasing attention to each client, volunteering, as a tool of self-expression and charitable assistance, friendliness and patience to employees of this service. The audience listened with interest to Shopnik MA. regarding the peculiarities of customer service “Hesed Besht”.

The members of the round table came to a conclusion, that cooperation, exchange of experience, finding common ground is quite useful and interesting.


Purim holiday in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

It is said in the Talmud: “The month of Adar begins – joy increases.” 14 adara – Purim Day, which Jews celebrate in memory of amazing events, occurred over 2400 years ago, when the Jewish people defeated their enemies.

Purim celebration includes four commandments:

  • read the scroll of esther;
  • send treats to each other;
  • give presents to the poor;
  • have a festive feast, drink wine and enjoy.

We are trying to fulfill all the commandments of the holiday by tradition in the Kamenetz-Podolsk community. Our congratulations received 30 home fund clients, in the hospital, they got gentashi, juice and a variety of sweets. And most importantly, congratulations and a sense of joy. We prepared for the pradnik in advance. Made masks, baked gomentashi, laid the festive table, shared gifts with friends.

At the festival, they read the scroll of Esther. This year, those present were delighted to see the Purimshpil blitz.

Good mood, smiles, communication reigned at the holiday.