Classical music concert

A wonderful concert of live classical music for participants of community programs took place in the concert hall of the Hesed Besht Social Assistance Center, as well as students and parents. The concert was prepared and conducted by bassoon teachers of Khmelnytsky Music College. IN. Заремби Вадим Тукало і Тетяна Сидорчук та студенти того ж закладу Євген Андрущенко, Максим Дмитрик, Вадим Майдан. В концерті прозвучали

Career guidance program for teenagers "Future profession"!

The Center for Professional and Personal Development together with the Khmelnytsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" and on its basis created a unique program for your children! During the month, teenagers will have the opportunity to visit excursions to various institutions in the city, to find out, якими є різні професії з середини. Цікавить галузь ІТ, робота управлінця, поліцейського чи, може, ще якась? Є можливість запитати фахівців

A picnic is the joy of communication

Why we are so attracted to nature? Apparently, so, that man is also a creation of nature, an integral part of it. Even a few hours, held in the woods or by the river, give strength, energy, promote good health, clear thoughts and charge with positive. Вчора ми знову зібрали на пікнік наших друзів-клієнтів і знову залишилися надзвичайно задоволеними від перебування в зеленому раю. we smoke holy,

A new specialty is a new direction in life!

Thanks to the Center for Professional and Personal Development on the basis of Khmelnytsky Charitable Foundation Hesed Besht, members of the Jewish community in many regions of Ukraine have the opportunity to change the vector of their careers and develop in their favorite business! Ми вітаємо члена Рівненської єврейської громади Лисак Ірину із закінченням курсів флористики! Бажаємо успіхів, розвитку та натхнення. Також запрошуємо тих, хто має потребу у працевлаштуванні, кар’єрному

A book of kindness

Not so beautiful, how kindness will save the world. From now on, in our Hesed all noble deeds will be taken into account and recorded in the Book of Kindness., which, we hope, will be a real textbook for educating love of neighbor, attentiveness, і прагнення допомогти у великих чи малих справах. Віримо ми в це чи ні, але в світі існує Закон Збереження Добра,

Family Day

At the weekend we went to work again, this time accompanied by their relatives: to show them, where we work, in what environment, in what conditions and what exactly we do. And the team met the families of their colleagues. Заочно ми знали їх давно, і от нарешті випала нагода зустрітися. Ми показали гостям наш прекрасний Хесед, провели

Picnic by the lake

Nature in our country, apparently, not worse, than in Switzerland. Therefore, every exit to the green privilege is a holiday, departure from everyday life, it is a quiet holiday for the soul. In those few hours, that we spent near the lake in Grechany, we, figuratively speaking, відтанули і переповнились позитивом. А хороший настрій – це теж запорука доброго здоров’я. На пікніках

Model haircuts - free!

One of the services of the Hesed Besht Foundation for clients is free haircuts within the framework of the Interaction project.. At first, our wards were a little suspicious of the proposal, but those, who overcame their fears, have long been regular customers of Khmelnytsky salon "Charm". Перукарі не просто виконують акуратні і модельні стрижки, вони дають слушні поради з догляду за волоссям та фарбування, експериментують

Picnic in the lands of beavers!

Spring does not please us with warmth, but we are looking for opportunities, to admire the fresh herbs, listen to the birds singing, feel the breath of the earth. Our yesterday's picnic by the river between willows and green thickets is a clear confirmation of that. We had a good time: спочатку говорили про єврейські свята, далі – посмажили ковбаски і накрили багатий стіл, жартували, переповідали єврейські майси, просто

Congratulations! You are great!

The results of the National Competition "Charitable Ukraine" and the regional competition "Charitable Khmelnytsky Region" have been summed up. As a regional partner, Hesed Besht announces the winners in various nominations. In the nomination “Charity in the social sphere” 1 the place was taken by Open Company “Volochysk-agro” agropromholding “Astarta-Kyiv”; 2 place – Volunteer Community ХБФ “Hesed Besht”; 3 place – за Хмельницьким обласним товариством Всеукраїнської організації інвалідівСоюз

Updates to taste

Clients of all Hesed Besht representative offices received beautiful and comfortable sports suits free of charge. 105 sets of sportswear were purchased under the program "Winter Aid". Everyone liked the updates, who received them. А нам було приємно потішити своїх клієнтів черговими подарунками.

Congratulations on Embroidery Day!

Today Hesed Besht blossomed with rainbow colors: all employees of our institution came to work in beautiful embroidered shirts. And it's not just beautiful and original. We have shown our respect for the history and culture of the Ukrainian people. And everyone, it seemed, сповнений гордості за те, що він патріот рідної землі, що причетний до збереження національних святинь, пам’ятає і шанує


We live in an extremely dynamic and interesting time. Could you ever think, that for 30 In previous years, we will take a step from corded telephones to telephones, which do not restrict movement, дозволяють бачити співрозмовника під час розмови та навіть спілкуватись з кількома співрозмовниками одночасно, тримати записи телефонних номерів у пам`яті телефону та не шукати