Chocolate workshop 2

«Этот мастер-класс – просто класс!». «Мы попали в эпицентр «шоколадного взрыва!», – такими восторженными были отзывы клиентов ХБФ «Хесед Бешт» после посещения Львовской мастерской шоколада в г. Khmelnytsky. Наблюдая за взрослыми, которые с ребячьим задором изготавливают конфеты и расписывают шоколадные плитки, you understand: иногда полезно побыть детьми, стряхнуть с усталых плеч груз забот и с головой

Sock party

В приміщенні ХБФ «Хесед Бешт» 10 січня пройшла Шкарпеткова вечірка для молоді. Учасники заходу мали змогу не тільки взяти участь у тематичних конкурсах, настільних іграх та спілкуванні за чашечкою кави. А й ознайомилися із нашими проектами, такими як: «Молодіжний клуб», «Волонтери комюніті» та «Центр професійного розвитку». Як ви бачите на фото, нудно не було, so

PR Report 11-12.2018 g.

American Foundation Tsalya Kaplun has initiated the construction of places of mass extermination of Jews during the Holocaust Monument memory. The opening of the monument of the first in this series was held 25 October 2018 At about the village Soshne Izyaslav district of Khmelnitsky region. In the valley, where in 1942-1943 years were massively shot more than two thousand Jews, gathered mass rally, which was attended by representatives


Rehabilitation programs "Jewish Happiness" Jewish Luck TATIANA Mokrousova Life is not always favorable to the person. In young age, when all is well and there is a wonderful family, good job, many reliable friends, it seems, that it will be forever. But there comes old age diseases, sorrows, Bereavement and sad thoughts. How can you not break? But a man stronger than iron. In this I

Day of Disabled Persons in Ternopil

For the International Day of Disabled Persons Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" carefully prepared and marked this day mass action. In Khmelnytsky Social Assistance Center held a very interesting concert with the body- and radïojwrnalïstkï, volunteer Oksana Radushinskoy. There were also visits by fund managers with holiday gifts for people with disabilities. interesting events, of the Day, It was conducted in


Hanukkah. In this word so much kindness, world, cosiness, I hope for a miracle! All week the staff welfare fund "Hesed Besht" performed the commandment of the maximum glorification of the Hanukkah miracle, invited to a special customer event, as well as the non-Jewish population. 4, 5 and 6 December Public Relations Fund Manager Galina Skripnik, performing the same command, He participated in two TV programs

Blood is a page in the history of many nations. Incurable wound Jews have the Holocaust during the Second World War, which killed a third of the nation - over 6 million people. For this Ukrainian tragedy was the artificial famine 1932-1933 years, when farmers were selected not only the entire crop grown by them, and rake out and clean all vegetables

Day 22 November was cold, but in a special warmth, cozy and festive it was in the concert hall of the Center of social assistance HBF "Hesed Besht". hall 100 It was crowded with people. And demanding the viewer is not disappointed in their expectations. People's amateur team "Podilski muzyky» Faculty of Early Childhood Education Khmelnytsky Humanities and Pedagogic Academy surprised, a great experience. good voice, elaborate concert composition,

tolerance day

16 November the whole world celebrated the International Day for Tolerance. Hmelnichchine on the results of the population census 2001 year resident representatives 90 nationalities. Therefore, we must be able to live in the world of different people. Tolerance - it is a social norm, it is a prerequisite for the preservation of peace, for the survival of society. All last week to commemorate the day in HBF "Hesed

On Wednesday, 14 November, friendly house the Center for social care HBF "Hesed Besht" filled always welcome. There was held a festival of national creativity of national communities of the city. A spacious hall 100 man was beaten to failure, people sat on strapontin, and it is further evidence of a genuine interest in the cultures of different peoples and the friendly people of other

"Good Guest"

"Good Guest" said, Monday - the day heavy, but for twelve customers HBF "Hesed Besht" day 12 November was pleasant and, can say, delicious. all because, that "Good guest" came to him. The program operates with the same name in the "Hesed" relatively recently, Nevertheless, our wards have already managed to fall in love with the delicious volunteers visits, with the heat-heat, dinners,

8 November, Public Relations Manager HBF "Hesed Besht" Galina Skripnik held for students of the Institute of Social Technologies Khmelnitsky tour of "Jewish Khmelnitsky". The event was held within the framework of the program "Tolerance", as well as to get acquainted with the youth of the city its ancient buildings, built in the 19-20 centuries by merchants and businessmen-Jews. Proskuriv (so then I called Khmelnitsky) It was a Jewish city. according to

Interesting excursions for children, taking part in the holiday program "Keytana", was conducted walking tour "Khmelnitsky Jewish '. We conducted a tour of the public relations manager Galina Skripnik and manager of cultural-mass work Lyudmila Fomina. The historic center of the city holds many secrets. On the main streets there are numerous houses, who built the well-known manufacturers, entrepreneurs, patrons and intellectuals

Institute sotstehnolohiy

Foundation "Hesed BESHT" shares experience with future social workers 8 October Khmelnitsky group of students visited the Institute of Social Technologies Social Assistance Center Khmelnitsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht". The event was part of the program "Tolerance", acting in our fund for many years. Future professionals interested in social professions organization of the Foundation, social programs and services, who provided


Recently Khmelnitsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" received unusual visitors. It visited the children of s.Pecheske Krasyliv district - Sunday school students "Rodovid", operating at a local temple of the Holy Virgin. The event was held under the "Tolerance", which operates in "Hesed" for many years. Foundation "Hesed Besht" and sponsored the trip. Children Orthodox faith