15 February 2021 year is fulfilled 102 years of the event, which in the historical literature was called "Proskuriv bloody bath". Khmelnytsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" to hold a prayer rally to commemorate the victims of the Jewish pogrom. It will happen 15 February about 11 at the monument to the victims of the Proskuriv Jewish pogrom in. Khmelnytsky (on the street. Tolstoy near the house of mourning).

JCC online

The largest Jewish charity “Joint” (JDC) launched online television for Jews from CIS countries on YouTube – JCC online. According to the organizers, users no longer need to subscribe to various sources of information on YouTube, after all, all the interesting Jewish-oriented content is collected on one video channel. “All YouTube channels of Jewish orientation, which exist, have a narrow topic. Наш канал об’єднує

Opening of the memorial plaque

27 January is the alarm date. On this day, all the progressive humanity of the planet celebrates the International Holocaust Remembrance Day., implemented by a decision of the UN General Assembly on 1 November 2005 year. Although World War II goes further and further, image_viber_2022-01-27_12-28-19-061. І сьогодні ми відкрили пам’ятний знак на місці проскурівського єврейського


Tu bi-Shvat is the new year of trees in the Jewish calendar, Jewish holiday. Mark on 15 day of the month Shvat (January February). There was a custom of planting trees in honor of each baby. Cypress was planted in honor of her daughter, and in honor of sin - cedar. Росла людина, і разом з нею росло дерево. Місяць шват приходиться на середину зими, коли вся

Invitation to the rally

Every year 27 January, all progressive humanity celebrates International Holocaust Remembrance Day, implemented by a decision of the UN General Assembly on 1 November 2005 year. On Wednesday, 27 January 2021 year about 11 hours at the address st. Weisser, 15, відбудуться урочистості з нагоди відкриття пам’ятного барельєфа, встановленого на місці єврейського гетто, which operated in. Проскурів у 1941-1942

Goodbye, Hanukkah!

"Farewell to Hanukkah" – that was the name of our thematic online Shabbat from 18 December, which Khmelnytsky managers of the fund conducted for Khmelnytsky residents - members of Shabat groups, "Hebrew", "Community" and for those clients from all our regions, who joined our celebration. А таких було близько трьох десятків. З чудовим настроєм, піснями, псалмами і трапезою ми провели Хануку та

From heart to heart

In this difficult period of quarantine, caused by the Kovid-19 pandemic, on the eve of Hanukkah, we implemented a new Hanukkah project "From heart to heart", which united Jewish communities from different cities of the Western region of Ukraine and brought them joy and lit a festive light in their hearts. Суть проекту полягала в тому, що клієнти разом з Хеседом підготували святкові набори і відправили

Warning: competition!

The Organizing Committee of the National Charitable Ukraine Competition has started accepting applications for the 14th Charitable Ukraine 2020 National Competition. We draw the attention of potential participants to changes and additions in the nominations of the competition. The Organizing Committee for the first time introduced the nomination "Charity Manager of the Year". Read more about this nomination here: Оргкомітет конкурсу та «Асоціація благодійників України» запрошують вас взяти участь в конкурсі «Благодійна Україна-2020». Усі

A tragic day in the history of the city

14 December 1941 Gebitskomisar signed an order on the resettlement of Jews Proskurov with his property in the ghetto. It was established in the Jewish quarters, which were fenced with barbed wire. Гетто простягнулося від річки Південний Буг по вулиці Кам’янецькій до вулиці Подільської, по ній – до вулиці Проскурівського підпілля та знов до Південного Бугу. В Проскурові євреїв почали