The women's group of the Kesher Project of the city of Khmelnytskyi gladly joined the Purim marathon of fun and celebrations. In a warm atmosphere, the women recalled the traditions and history of the holiday, watched a Purim video, lively discussed its content and all together loudly chased away the hated Amans: і того, з Книги Естер, і сучасного. Традиційні частування, greeting, вірші та подарунки-шалахмонеси додали зустрічі

Interesting and informative

Members of the club of the Jewish tradition "Masoret" continue to study the history of their people. Today's lesson was devoted to the construction of the Tower of Babel, the emergence of different languages ​​on earth and the powerful figure of the forefather Abraham - the progenitor of the Jewish people. We talked, watched a video. This is the historical part of the lesson. А сучасна була приурочена сімейним цінностям. Ми подивились відео, в якому визначені основні принципи виховання

International Mother Language Day

Today is International Mother Language Day. The Jews have two of them: Yiddish and Hebrew. What is Yiddish?? This is the colorful language of everyday communication of European Jews, the so-called Ashkenazi. She is also called mame loshn, i.e, native, mother tongue. Yiddish was formed in 10-14 століттях на основі одного з німецьких діалектів басейну ріки Рейн. Це мікс, комбінація з німецької мови

International Cancer Day

Every year 4 February is World Cancer Day. Cancer is a general definition of more than 100 diseases, which can affect any part of the body. To 40 % all cases of cancer are preventable. In many types of cancer, there is a high chance of recovery, in cases of their early detection and proper treatment. As part of breast cancer prevention


Today, the entire progressive humanity of the planet celebrates the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is a due date. Humanity must not just know about the mass extermination of Jews during the Second World War, it must learn and assimilate this tragic lesson. After all, history has the ability to repeat itself, and already, Look, German fascism was replaced by racism - the same thing


Exhibition of the museum "We are the people".!», who works in the community center "Thiya", is replenished with new exhibits every time. This time - with such cute notebooks, in which our customers from all regions of Hesed recorded their impressions of the Hanukkah holiday, when everyone was waiting for miracles. Someone wrote their favorite poems in a notebook, someone narrated and illustrated the pages with photographs and

Trees in Israel

we smoke holy, commandment of the Almighty, which obliges every Jew to plant his tree in the Holy Land, difficult for us to fulfill. But we assure you: this is not true at all. Although we are far from our historical homeland, having your own name tree in Eretz Yisrael is quite possible. And therefore, who wants to fulfill this commandment, it is enough to turn to Hesed, because we have it

Memorandum on cooperation

Representatives of the Khmelnytskyi City Red Cross visited the "Hesed Besht" HBF in order to sign a Memorandum of Cooperation. In the future, this contract gives the right to conduct various joint activities with children, as well as with the elderly. By the way, cooperation between us continued until now. Hesed, together with the Red Cross, conducted training for more than 20


What boundless bliss fills the Jewish soul at this word! We are so looking forward to festive joyful days, illuminated by light, sanctified by love, full of home comfort, the aroma of fried donuts and sincere joy! We were especially looking forward to this year's Hanukkah. After all, it is a celebration of miracles, the victory of good over evil and the fulfillment of wishes. For all of us, the most cherished desire is PEACE!

In memory of Giora Moiseev

The Great Man is gone, of the Great Creator - Hyora Moiseev. He put a lot of effort into creating our Chesed. Israeli Giora Moiseev was a talented artist, wrote a large number of paintings, gave his audience good, joy, kindness of heart. We carry the light of his soul to this day, for we consider our Chesed to be his living, his best painting. We work according to his vision and instructions,

Let's connect

Even we in the deep rear feel the cold breath of war. Turning off the light became regular, and therefore there are interruptions in the supply of water and heat. But to deprive us of spiritual communication is not, the enemy here is powerless! Our online club "Let's connect!» adapts to light-off schedules and changes the working time. Added a bit of trouble - calling club members and notifications

Healthy day!

Age-old strength gymnastics is the "eternal engine", which starts metabolic processes in the body, prevents diseases, gives strength to overcome inertia and self-doubt. It is not enough to take care of a balanced diet and work regime, rest and sleep. Only physical activity gives vitality and complete harmony. It is difficult to force yourself to do physical exercises at home. And in the band, in a circle


Why can't you look at the rainbow?? Can you sell a place in paradise?? Does Judaism allow abortion?? Can a Jew celebrate a non-Jewish New Year?? Does Jewish law forbid mat? You are interested in such topics? But this is only the tip of the iceberg! If you, Dear friends, sign up for the club of the Jewish tradition "Masoret", you will learn much more about Judaism and be able to


Today, a group of student youth from Khmelnytskyi region visited the museum and memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. This is an important part of our work - to tell young people about the tragedy of the Jewish people during the Second World War, to pass on the baton of knowledge about the beastly face of fascism to them, so that something like this never happens again, with no other nation.


Jews all over the world met 5783 year. In prayers and with joy. Well, the Jews of Ukraine – also with prayers for peace and great hopes for happiness. Today, our community also celebrated Rosh Hashanah. We did everything we could, to make the celebration interesting and fun. The participants of the feast were told about the traditions of the holiday, watched the video,