Elena Feodosiyivna MONTH

The profession of accountant requires perseverance and concentration, like no other. You can't close this job in the office at six. Elena often brings home "ledgers" with reports, to compare what was done in a day or to find a wandering penny in a calm atmosphere, через яку «не грає» баланс. Олена Феодосіївна 13 років працює в Хеседі. Її посада головного бухгалтера не терпить халатності


September is a special month for the Jewish people. In early autumn we celebrate the important holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Judgment Day and Sukkot. And the clients of the Khmelnytsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" are celebrating another important date: birthday of his Hesed. 16 September is our turn 22 years. Це – роки становлення, неспокою, творчого горіння. Бо хоч фонд створений в першу чергу

Iryna Mykhailivna GERASYMENYUK

Working in Hesedi from his earliest days, Irina held various positions. But she fully revealed her abilities in the secretarial field. She became a real support for the director, his right hand. And no wonder: quick-witted, energetic, hardworking, thinks fast and big, at work "burns". Ірина Михайлівна освоїла ще одну важливу спеціальність: вона менеджер з логістики. Оскільки наш Хесед дуже

Lyudmyla Borysivna NOVYTSKA

She has been working for Heseda since the first days of its existence. Competent in all matters, concerning our service. As a HR manager, does everything, that each new employee organically joined the team, fully revealed their capabilities and talents. Людмила Борисівна – дуже доброзичлива і приязна людина, безконечно добра і всерозуміюча. Її обличчя завжди осяває лагідна

Igor Alexandrovich RATUSHNY

He is our permanent director. 22 years ago he founded Hesed and brought him to the top of social services. His professionalism is beyond praise, and the head is a tireless generator of fruitful ideas, ahead of time. We can rightfully call Igor Oleksandrovych a wise teacher and psychologist. He supports us and teaches us, виховує і спрямовує наші


Hesed Besht Khmelnytsky Charitable Foundation – the institution is known and respected. Let's say more: our place is holy and worshiped, for in Hesed there are innumerable good deeds "per capita". 22 years we stand guard over the good. We serve Khmelnytsky's clients, Ternopil, Rivne and Volyn regions, Rivne and Volyn regions 157 Rivne and Volyn regions! Rivne and Volyn regions, what

Jews around the world celebrate the beginning of a new one 5 782 year. I moved to Uman 29 thousands of Hasidim

Jews around the world celebrate the new year. Rosh Hashanah is celebrated for two days in a row. The holiday is considered the birthday of mankind and the creation of the world. Among the obligatory traditions is an analysis of one's actions for the previous year, their rethinking and repentance. And preparation for the coming year. А окрема гілкахасиди з’їжджаються до могили цадика Нахмана в Умані. Бо так їм заповідав

Let's connect!

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot. But life goes on, we adapt to new realities, as soon as we can. Meetings in Zoom have already become familiar in our Hesed, online broadcasts of Jewish holidays, концертів, уроків івриту і навіть спортивних занять та інших заходів. Досі хвороба тримає нас

No one drama oblivion ...

80 years ago, the ancient city of Kamyanets-Podilsky shuddered at the bloody tragedy, which eventually became known to the world. Then, in 1941-1942 years, a real hunt for people of Jewish nationality was arranged, the number of victims of Nazism was estimated at tens of thousands, серед яких не тільки місцеве населення, а й вигнанці з країн Європи. 27 серпня на Меморіалі пам’яті жертв Голокосту відбувся

Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!

This is wonderful, apparently, the best of the holidays! Ukraine has fully suffered and deserved it. Let us wish our state peace and tranquility, economic power, powerful development of each industry, tourist attraction, and all, who bears the proud name "UKRAINIAN" – to love and be proud of their homeland, зробити її щасливою, найкращою країною в світі! Нельзя не любить ту землю, Где дом твой,

Holiday, which occurs weekly

Our greatest celebration, Saturday, we celebrate 52 times a year, and very often – in the community, for celebrating all Jewish holidays together has become our inviolable tradition. “God told Moses: there is a precious gift in My treasury, and it is the Sabbath, і її Я бажаю дати Ізраїлю». Саме цією цитатою з Гемари і розпочався наш Шабат 13 August.

"Eight haim!».

Every year the employees of our Hesed, in addition to social work, hold a number of creative activities. Because every project is invested in the soul (otherwise we do not work!), then in a year a significant and very interesting creative work is going on. We are trying to film the most successful events. One of them is our radically new project, which is called "Eight Chaim!». У вільному перекладі

"Thanks, you made us summer!»

This is what the participants of the regional trip told its organizers. And we were pleased to hear words of gratitude. The departure program was, as always, interesting and rich. On the first day, the participants got acquainted with Hesed and his programs, got acquainted with each other, взяли участь у бесіді про доброчинність та у веселому змаганні на кмітливість. А потім була урочиста зустріч Шабату. All

Men's club

In July, a men's club started operating under our Hesed. The program of the club includes chess and checkers tournaments, picnics in nature, gatherings with Jewish anecdotes, photo device, reading Sunday sections of the Torah, creative workshops, study of national traditions, etc.. and. Перше засідання Чоловічого клубу відбулося в Пабі на Проскурівській. Там спільно й виробили програму