More fun together!

The project "Let's connect!"Unites around him more and more fans. Every meeting of the project participants in Zuma becomes a real event. Firstly, they are learning something new, feel an integral part of the Jewish people and involvement in the preservation of national traditions. Secondly, November, November, which due to the circumstances engaged together with Khmelnytsky. For

Volunteer projects

In a pandemic, when our customers are forced to minimize contacts, the Hesed Besht Foundation is doing its best, so that forced isolation does not turn into depression. We communicate with them by phone and on social networks, we intensify the work of existing projects, one of which is the volunteer project "Good Guest". Our volunteer and beautiful hostess Tatiana Grindiy, who has a big heart and

Natalia Viktorivna KIRILLOVA

The best cure for all diseases is employment. These words of the world-class philosopher and psychologist Dale Carnegie became the motto for Natalia Kirillova - head of the program "Let's go back to work". Natasha helps members of our community look for work. And not indifferently, and to the soul. Because it's important, that work brings not only prosperity, but also pleasure. However,

Jewish courtyard

Jewish courtyard. But nothing accurately conveys the spirit of old Proskurov, like stuccoed houses with loose plaster, like spider webs of clotheslines with ancient gray clothespins, like paths in the grass of different curvature, stairs and rickety steps! It's so cute, so nostalgic touches the soul! And you're already imagining,

Maxim Olegovich MITASOV

Such is the fate of the IT specialist – live at a computer and go to заходи Internet for cultural events! Maxim's working day is painted in minutes. This is the specialist, without the help of which no project and no one of our employees can do. We ask, we demand, we pull it, and he postpones less urgent matters and takes over ours. And it does

Vyacheslav Sidorenko

head of the Center for Information Technology. Modern life, especially its business and everyday component is difficult to imagine without the use of computer technology. Only high-level professionals can work in this direction. Especially if you are a leading specialist and you are responsible for the quality and timeliness of the Center, solving complex technical problems. This is exactly what Vyacheslav is an analyst and programmer,

Sofia Davydivna SLOBODA

Sofia Davydivna is one of them, who works in the Kamyanets-Podilsky representative office of Hesed Besht CBF literally from the first days of its existence. It was also on her fragile shoulders that the difficult tasks of forming the organization fell. At first, Sofia worked as a patronage worker for three years. Proved to be excellent: her wards loved her very much. The management noticed Davydivna's diligence and diligence and offered her a job

Lyudmila Vitalievna FOMINA

He works as a manager in the field of cultural and mass work and is responsible for the work of children's programs. A man with an inexhaustible supply of energy, always smiling and positive. It belongs to the people, which pass through the fingers all the negative, leaving joy in the palms, якою вона щедро ділиться з оточуючими. З Людмилою однаково комфортно та цікаво як членам клубів для людей похилого

Oleksiy Vasyliovych KARPALYUK

This is our supply manager, social work specialist. Alex belongs to that cohort of people, for which it is important to do “not in words, and in fact ". The meaning of the name Alex - "defender", and really, за роки роботи у фонді він став справжнім захисником інтересів клієнтів. Саме від його

Kateryna Anatoliivna ANDRIICHUK

She is serious, purposeful and fair. It may seem, that is a little harsh, but in fact he is a very sincere and glorious man. Katya is dedicated to her work. She runs extremely responsible Bank Card programs, "Food", "Good guest". Preparation of documents for bank cards, робота з клієнтською базою, пошук, придбання та видача продуктів харчування, організація у Хеседі заходів, які передбачають

Sergey Dmitrovich VOLOSHIN

Serhiy is Hesed's new face, but from the first days of his stay in the team we felt: this is our man, he, figuratively speaking, sat in his sleigh. Helping people personally for him was and is a vector for life. Тож не випадково він став фахівцем із соціальної роботи. Сергій турбується про забезпечення клієнтів медпрепаратами,

Margarita Aronivna SHOPNIK

Маргарита Аронівна ШОПНІК Вона не тільки хороша і приємна людина. Admire her bright mind, deep erudition, broad worldview, amazing performance, creative approach to work. But first of all, clients fell in love with Margarita Aronivna for her humanity, for a sincere and sympathetic heart, for being ready to help at any moment. During 21 year, відколи Маргарита

Elena Vladimirovna SENYK

Curator Elena Senyk has been working in the Ternopil regional office of the Hesed Besht Foundation since March 2000 of the year, i.e. from the day of its foundation. За годы плодотворного служения на благо еврейской общины Тернопольщины ей были

Irina Eduardovna IVSHINA

Once in childhood, we enthusiastically read and quoted the verses of B. Mayakovsky: “All works are good – choose to taste ". Having worked as a teacher, научным работником много лет, Ирина Ившина в 2000 году пришла в Тернопольськое представительство ХБФ «Хесед