On Wednesday, 14 November, friendly house the Center for social care HBF "Hesed Besht" filled always welcome. There was held a festival of national creativity of national communities of the city. A spacious hall 100 man was beaten to failure, people sat on strapontin, and it is further evidence of a genuine interest in the cultures of different peoples and the friendly people of other

"Good Guest"

"Good Guest" said, Monday - the day heavy, but for twelve customers HBF "Hesed Besht" day 12 November was pleasant and, can say, delicious. all because, that "Good guest" came to him. The program operates with the same name in the "Hesed" relatively recently, Nevertheless, our wards have already managed to fall in love with the delicious volunteers visits, with the heat-heat, dinners,

8 November, Public Relations Manager HBF "Hesed Besht" Galina Skripnik held for students of the Institute of Social Technologies Khmelnitsky tour of "Jewish Khmelnitsky". The event was held within the framework of the program "Tolerance", as well as to get acquainted with the youth of the city its ancient buildings, built in the 19-20 centuries by merchants and businessmen-Jews. Proskuriv (so then I called Khmelnitsky) It was a Jewish city. according to

Interesting excursions for children, taking part in the holiday program "Keytana", was conducted walking tour "Khmelnitsky Jewish '. We conducted a tour of the public relations manager Galina Skripnik and manager of cultural-mass work Lyudmila Fomina. The historic center of the city holds many secrets. On the main streets there are numerous houses, who built the well-known manufacturers, entrepreneurs, patrons and intellectuals

Institute sotstehnolohiy

Foundation "Hesed BESHT" shares experience with future social workers 8 October Khmelnitsky group of students visited the Institute of Social Technologies Social Assistance Center Khmelnitsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht". The event was part of the program "Tolerance", acting in our fund for many years. Future professionals interested in social professions organization of the Foundation, social programs and services, who provided


Recently Khmelnitsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" received unusual visitors. It visited the children of s.Pecheske Krasyliv district - Sunday school students "Rodovid", operating at a local temple of the Holy Virgin. The event was held under the "Tolerance", which operates in "Hesed" for many years. Foundation "Hesed Besht" and sponsored the trip. Children Orthodox faith

Excursion to the memorial

2 October memorial to Holocaust victims in Khmelnytsky visited a group of tourists from Australia. This place is always alive the memory of the tragedy of the Jewish people. In our city, it was shot 16 thousands of Jews, specifically in the place, where the memorial now!, – 8200 human. Where in those days it was a deep ravine. Death sentence for Jews became the order gebits-Commissioner

Medzhybizh hosts

27 September 2018 the City fund disabled "Kindness" together with Khmelnitsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" organized a tour for Medzhybizh Khmelnytsky with disabilities within the city social program "swinger". World famous town was through Jewish shrines and castle Medzhybizh. In the days of the holiday Sukkot came here Hasidim from Israel and other countries,

Project "The Truth About Women's Health"

THERE IS PREVENTION - LESS DISEASES The World Jewish Women's Organization "Project Kesher" implemented 10 cities of Ukraine. Khmelnytskyi is one of the key cities for its implementation. The project is aimed at forming a progressive public view on the psychological and physical health of women of all age groups. A round table meeting on this topic was held at the Khmelnytskyi Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht".. Conducted

Trip to Medzhibozh

Trip to Medzhybizh War. At this word you involuntarily shudder. She touched everyone, but it resonates with particular pain in the soul of every Jew. Traditionally, on September days, members of the public and clients of the Khesed Besht Charitable Foundation visit the places of mass destruction and burial of innocently killed residents of Medzhybizh. More 3000 Jews - men and women, old people and children – were ruthlessly exterminated


23 september 2018 of the year (corresponds 14 Tishreya in the Jewish calendar) with the sunset came the merry Jewish holiday Sukkot, also called the Feast of Tabernacles. A distinctive feature of Sukkot is the commandment to live all seven days of the holiday in a specially constructed hut - a sukkah.. Tradition prescribes to glorify the Almighty in the sukkah, have a fun holiday meal, meet guests, sing, dance and even

School of Success

A 2-day educational project for active teenagers ended yesterday “School of success. Khmelnytskyi”, where I was the organizer ! This Klitschko Foundation project was created in partnership with NGOs “Podilsk space” , HBF “Hesed Besht”, Youth For Better Future Now I am filled with gratitude and pride. Pride for people, that surround me . It's nice to be around them, who is constantly generating

Brussels nongovernmental charity fund "Hesed Besht" was 19 years

Date not round, the reason why the institutions have met their birthday is not the holiday table, and in the. During all these years the fund is headed by Ihor Ratushny, generator advanced and progressive ideas, talented manager, good boss, a man with a big heart and Chulym. "Hesed" expanded, stronger, has created powerful logistics. Its employees, serving customers 101 settlement of Khmelnytska

Charity concert in our hub

Volunteers of our project “Swinger” convinced, what “talents don't age” and don't get tired “to infect” everyone around me is my motto. In proof of this, our HUB hosted another charity concert with a new program and no free seats in the hall.. By combining the strengths of the fund's clients “Hesed Besht” and fund “Kindness” , the collected funds from the concert will be directed to the needs of people