Liberation prisoners camps

11 April - International Day of liberation of prisoners of Nazi concentration camps established this date is not accidental: exactly 11 th April 1945 there was an international uprising of prisoners largest death camp Buchenwald, founded in 1937 year. During World War II concentration camps passed through more than 20 million people with 30 countries. The first death camp began to move 1933 in the

Trip to Medzhibozh

Trip to Medzhibozh 31 Martha, wards Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" went on a trip to Medzhibozh. It is an ancient settlement on the territory of Khmelnitsky region, which has a very rich history. Primarily, Medzhibozh known for, that for centuries there existed Jewish communities, in which the person lived, whose cases have affected Jewish thought throughout Eastern Europe.

Purimskyy carnival

Purimskyy Purim Carnival Celebration. Of all the Jewish holidays is particularly bright and cheerful, because like the same for adults and children. The project "Tolerance" We know from our holidays and non-Jewish population, and see, joyful response that they are souls.

Вместе веселее

Вместе веселее! Радостный праздник Пурим клиенты и друзья ХБФ «Хесед Бешт» встретили вместе, большой и дружной компанией. Выполнили на празднике заповеди, установленные еврейскими мудрецами в честь праздника Пурим: слушали Мегилат Эстер, подарили шалахмонес детям, которые представили гостям традиционный пуримшпиль, устроили пир и угощение. AND, of course, в этот день евреи мысленно повесили на дереве злодея


For many years, women's health theme was, as it were covered with false modesty, to talk about it in the society was not accepted. Even the mother hesitated to tell his daughters the truth, which necessarily need to know the girls, into adulthood. 16 March Social Assistance Center, в рамках проекта «Правда про Женское здоровье» Проекта Кешер при участии «Громадського радио» состоялась

Again sounded Jewish question

ОПЯТЬ ЗАЗВУЧАЛА ЕВРЕЙСКАЯ РЕЧЬ… Село Гвардийское Хмельницкого района некогда было типичным еврейским местечком. One hundred years ago in Fel'shtyn (since then it was called) lived three and a half thousand people, of which nearly two thousand were Jews. They worked there a Jewish village council, Jewish schools and synagogues. but in 1919 , the Jewish pogrom in the town, that killed

school health

The School of Health together with the health food store "Eden Garden" held a culinary master class for the wards of the Khesed Besht HCF within the framework of the "Active Longevity" and "Healthy Day" programs. Professional chefs demonstrated the process of making yeast-free dough for holiday baking. Drinks made from pumpkin and orange juices were offered for testing., sunflower and sesame seeds pate, фруктово-ореховый десерт и вкуснейший

Guests from Poland

Гости из Польши Уже несколько дней у нас гостят Юзеф Маркевич и Ягна Кофта из Польши. _673082703109616_2048996680648359936_n, _673082703109616_2048996680648359936_n. Together they do a great job of preserving Jewish heritage.. Together they do a great job of preserving Jewish heritage.. Together they do a great job of preserving Jewish heritage.,

The truth about women's health

All-Ukrainian Jewish women's organization Project Kesher May 2018 It has been implementing the project "The Truth about Women's Health" in 10 Ukrainian cities, and one of the key cities in the issue of realization of the project - our Khmelnitsky. certainly, нужную и очень интересную встречу провели координаторы проекта Ирина Герасименюк и Наталья Герасименко в областном онкологическом диспансере при содействии наших

arrival Asman

Arrival in g. Khmelnitsky of the Chief Rabbi of Kiev and Ukraine Moshe Reuven ASMAN is a significant event for the Jewish community of the city. These days she celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Proskurov Jewish pogrom. Rav Moshe arrived, to pay tribute to the innocent dead in 1919 year civilians. Proskuriv. Near the monument to the victims of the Proskurov Jewish pogrom in the presence of a minyan, he

Proskurovsky Jewish pogrom

Meeting Requiem The shameful word "pogrom" unchanged was included in most European languages. Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire in 19 –Beginning 20 century. Then the deadly bacillus of anti-Semitism was struck all over Ukraine, accordingly, pogroms swept throughout its territory. But especially bloody and cruel was 15-16 February 1919 of the year, in which