"We are reading! Declaration! We popularize!»

The problem of spirituality is quite relevant today. After all, it is spiritual values ​​that are the highest ideals of humanity. They play a leading role in human life, because they are based on family values, concepts of good, freedom, justice, the truth, the world. Such values ​​are promoted by the children's and youth theater "Flying Ship" - the volunteer project of HBF "Hesed Besht". Together with the foundation we created a literary group

"The book comes to life"

Work has begun on the project "The book comes to life" under the auspices of the "Pajama Library". Children and parents are interested in making costumes to illustrate individual books "Pajama Library". Participation in this project gives an opportunity not only to master sewing skills. First of all, it is a great opportunity to learn more about the history and traditions of the Jewish people, about the Jewish national costume. Project

"Hand of kindness"

A new interactive project has been launched under this name in our Hesed, developed by the fund's specialists specifically for interaction with clients, to morally support them in quarantine, diversify and brighten their lives. For project participants (and this is quite a bit - 600 male) interesting souvenirs are waiting, sweet surprises and specially made palms Miriam with a protective prayer for the house.

From the history of matzah

Among the exhibits of the Shepetivka Museum of Local Lore is a mechanism, which attracts the attention of visitors with its amazing design. This is a device for making matzah, it was transferred to the museum by Alla Semenovna Melts 1999 year. Matsu is tasted in memory of that, що під час виходу з єгипетського рабства ізраїльтяни пекли прісні коржики. Маца може мати прямокутну або круглу форму, і виготовляється

Charities are credited to heaven

We were born for that, to be useful to each other. Helping others is the highest measure of human kindness. "Rivers don't drink their water, trees do not eat their fruit, the sun does not shine on itself and the flowers do not smell for themselves. Життя для інших – це закон природи», – сказав хтось із мудрих. Благодійник, який не побажав, щоб його

Štetl № 8

The other day a literary and journalistic collection Shtetl G was published 8, timed to the theme "We are the people!». The prophet Isaiah spoke of the Jewish people: "Light to the peoples of the world". And really: he made many vital discoveries, left a lot of wisdom to mankind. Єврейський народ дав світу Мойсея і Ісуса з Назарету. «Почуй, о Ізраїлю, Господь наш Бог, Господь єдиний»ці слова, вперше

Holiday cards

Paraphrasing familiar words, let's say: nothing is so cheap and not so expensive, as attention. For the holiday of Pesach HBF "Hesed Besht" sent to our wards in small remote areas about a hundred bright greeting cards. Of course, they are not deprived of attention, працівники хеседівської мережі час від часу їх провідують, обдзвонюють, обдаровують всім необхідним. Але ще один вияв

We reduce distances

Spring began with good news for those patronized workers of Hesed Besht CBF in the regions, who were still forced to cover considerable distances to their wards on foot. They bought comfortable bicycles, easy, with baskets for luggage. Велосипеди от-от будуть відправлені адресатам.

Passover Seder

The greatest holiday of the Jewish people, Pesach, began. It will last eight days. For the second year, for obvious reasons, we can not meet, to celebrate it in the community. Але в цьому році карантин не став нам на заваді. Нас об’єднали платформа Zoom і прагнення відсвяткувати Песах разом. В п’ятницю ми

Pesach in keeping with tradition

Participants of the Day Center received food kits from Hesed Besht for Pesach, to celebrate this holiday with dignity and in accordance with the traditions of celebration. The sets included eggs, apples, walnuts, chicken thighs, green onion, juice, horseradish, - All those, що обов’язково має бути на пасхальній тарілці.

Seminars for guides

At the initiative of the Tourism Department of the Ternopil City Council, three online seminars on the history of Ternopil Jewry were held in March.. Three groups of city guides listened to a museum tour of the Jewish history of the Ternopil office of the Hesed Besht Foundation, took part in an online round table meeting, яке було присвячене питанням сучасного життя єврейських громад Тернопільщини. Учасники цих заходів також обговорювали пропозицію взяти участь в

Women's coat

Hesed Besht managers call the fund's clients every day. Ask about health, well-being, emotional condition, identify material needs. During such calls, a considerable list of winter coats was formed. And soon, as part of the "Winter Aid" program, Hesed acquired 70 новеньких жіночих зимових пальто в асортименті. Легкі, теплі і при тому дуже красиві (бо дорогі!), вони прийшлися до

The collection of bids has been extended to 15 March!

There are many people around us, who do good deeds, help others. They do it from the heart and often do not even get a simple "Thank you".. The Charitable Ukraine contest is a great chance to honor philanthropists. You do good deeds or you know people, groups, organizations, engaged in charity? Подайте заявку на Національний конкурс «Благодійна Україна»! ЗБІР КОНКУРСНИХ ЗАЯВОК

Youth gatherings in Purim

About Purim is the happiest holiday in the Jewish tradition, a holiday of light and joy, more members of the Youth Club and volunteers of HBF "Hesed Besht". During the exciting board games, our guests learned, that Purim is commemorated in memory of the rescue of the Jews from complete destruction during the reign of King Ahasuerus, який правив Перською імперією. Сановник царя Аман надумав знищити всіх євреїв