Executed future

Executed future Whatever viddalyav us from time to events of World, Jewish people will always remember his greatest tragedy - Holocaust. In the June days 77 years ago there was a terrible massacre of peaceful Jewish population Lyahivtsyah (now - Belogorie), then was shot more than 3400 Jews from Lyahovets, Yampol and Kornytsi. 26 June 2019 p. on

JEWISH sanctuary Medzhybizh

JEWISH sanctuary Medzhybizh The project "Jewish revival. Lessons historical truth "group of project participants visited Medzhybizh. through the, that the town remained very much Jewish holy sites, and therefore, which has recently come back Hasidim from around the world, it fully corresponds to the name "little Eretz Yisrael". Project Manager, HBF manager "Hesed Besht" Mr.. Skrypnyk spoke about history

“project Kesher” in Shepetovke

"Project Kesher" in Shepetovke 19 in June. Shepetivka regular meeting (this time visiting) under the "Truth about Women's Health". In the premises of the local synagogue gathered female members of the Jewish community, care about their health. A conversation about the importance of women's health, in which even those people, interested in the topic, learned a lot.


Şaʙat şalom!"God said to Moses,: there is a precious gift in my treasure, and this Saturday, I wish her and give Israel ", as stated in the Gemara, Şaʙat '. Continuing our tradition together to celebrate all the Jewish holidays, Friday our community a fun and mentally met Shabbat. It was all, as required by tradition: festive lighting and blessing of candles, blessing of bread and grape

Concert of Armenian culture

His original art presented to customers Fund "Hesed Besht" Armenian national song and dance "Araks", artistic director Hamlet Hovhannisyan. Inflammatory dances, Folk Songs, great songs, beautiful national costumes - all made very exciting concert, curious, spectacular. And as in vivo (and workshops) performing speech is perceived quite differently, than on TV, it can be

The lessons of the historical truth

Within the framework of the project "Lessons of historical truth", the participants visited Mr.. Kamenetz-Podolsk. The tour program was very rich. We visited Kamenetz "Hesed" our colleagues, acquainted with his work. Historian, Researcher, Anna Kivilsha guide for our group spent a fascinating tour of the old town and a very detailed account of the life of the old Jewish community Kamenetz. we visited

Victory Day in plowing

Victory Day in plowing in May 2019 in the celebration of Victory Day and commemorating fallen soldiers and victims of the Holocaust staff Khmelnitsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" and Ukrainian Network of Volunteers' Community Volonteer "visited Pluzhnyansku general sanatorium boarding school, that Izyaslav area. The reason for the meeting was not only a Victory Day. Time, conducted with students, teachers

Holocaust: nevigoyna wound

Holocaust Museum HBF "Hesed Besht" (by the way, only in Western Ukraine) often takes visitors. We rejoice, When young people come to us. So yesterday visited the museum high school students from different schools of the city. Familiarize yourself with an exhibition, listened to a lecture about the Holocaust in Ukraine and in our area, great contribution of Jews in the approaching victory over fascism, besiduvaly on

Seminar on Yiddish culture

A return to its roots - the national tradition, stories, language, culture, - is inevitable, if we want to survive as a nation. Huge interest has caused a seminar on Yiddish culture, which was held at HBF "Hesed Besht". It led him to fund clients and participants of the project "Jewish revival 2019 g. Masoretes "representative of the International Yiddish center in Vilnius CENTURY, Yiddish lecturer of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Victory Day

The Great Patriotic War is not spared a single family, She touched each. It was truly a people's war. People were defending their homeland, their children, our future. Ukraine also paid for victory exorbitant price. The price of millions of lives and destinies. Therefore, the Day of Victory over fascism has always been and remains the great holiday for everyone, who survived the war, and for

cleaning memorial

Clients and volunteers HBF "Hesed Besht" amicably gathered at the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, to make the traditional spring cleaning. In just a few hours of shock work put in order the mass graves, We cleared the area of ​​the dried brush and debris, swept the track, painted iron structures.

day Tour

19 April on the Khmelnytsky streets dominated by Her Majesty History. To mark the opening of the tourist season on the tail this day was declared a total day excursion. Culture and Tourism Khmelnytsky City Council formed 39 number of groups 25-30 people each. This is mainly schoolchildren and students, employees of various institutions, institutions and enterprises of the city. For them


Director of Foundation "Hesed-Besht" Ihor Ratushny invited experts and comprehensive rehabilitation wards Center "Family comfort" for a wonderful concert. The event brought together a large number of fans and supporters young and talented Khmelnytsky, and they in turn did not disappoint viewers, giving them an interesting journey into the fantastic world of musical and poetic art. The concert program included the best samples of Ukrainian pop,