Another wonder of the world

Vinnitsa river light and music fountain media can rightfully be put on a par with the best sights of the world. Therefore, quite naturally, this unique floating fountain became a business card listed in the winery and hiking trails Ukraine. Every year HBF "Hesed Besht" organizes trips to show Vinnitsa. No exception this year: Yesterday amazing sight

Now just be nice!

Every woman wants to look neat and attractive at any age. This is where our customers come volunteer projects. Clara Vinnik, which for many years worked manicurist, and now in retirement, gladly agreed to continue the work of his life, but free. tool has, the ability to also, why not help people, many of which she has long known,

We took our dear guests

20 of August we took our dear guests: workers Chernigov Jewish Community Center "Hesed Esther". From time to time have to meet colleagues, it is very useful for further work: we share experience, We learn the news of the Jewish world of the first word, we borrow some methods and forms of work. This means, mutually enriching, voodushevlяemsя, change approaches to work. I want to believe, that colleagues were

Picnics liking

Picnics are very applauded by our clients. no TV, no computer can not replace live communication pleasant old acquaintances. The next meeting of the Day Center clients we are also going to arrange on the beach, but our plans changed a little rain. Nonetheless, picnic place and failed. We talked about the upcoming holiday of Rosh Hashanah, because it is necessary to prepare in advance.

Well done, “Operations Center”!

Known in our city Company "Office Center" - a long-standing and reliable partner of our "Hesed". On the threshold 1 September children - the younger generation fund "Hesed Besht", shop "Office Center", sells stationery, He made a beautiful and useful gift sets. They included a notebook, albums, pens, pencils, paints, diaries and other stationery, which are so essential to every schoolboy. Therefore, the gifts were very helpful.

Again Satan!

Again Satan! With great pleasure we go to Satanova. Not for the sake of healing water, We attracted ancient history of this town and especially - rich Jewish heritage. in the end 19 - early 20 century with 4,5 thousands of people Satanova 3 thousands (or two-thirds of residents) were Jews. Our journey took 16 August. Customers Fund "Hesed

Picnic in Pecheskah

In the summer so want to nature! But giving is not every. We have established friendly relations with many NGOs, and one of them - Disabled Fund "Kindness". Members of the fund has chosen long ago for a holiday cottage in the village of Hesed. Pechesky. Recently, they again staged a picnic there. The event was held as part of the City


night 9-10 August to our customers shabaton gathered Fund "Hesed Besht" from small regions. The program was very intense and interesting. Participants shabatona after, it is located in a cozy hotel room, We had an excursion "Jewish Proskurov". During the coffee breaks on the summer porch Hesed got acquainted and became friends. Then join the fun, with songs and a festive meal met

And again – Satan old

Participants of the project "Lessons of historical truth" and "masoretes", acting in our Hesed, visited Sataniv. Do not be surprised, our trip there occur too often: Satan was once Jewish shtetlom, There are numerous historical and cultural monuments and sacred, and we as true history of Jews researchers skirts every time we find something new. Of course, Each attracts restored

The rain did not hindrance good work

Where to go on a rainy day? On a picnic! From the sky pours, thunder rumbles, and we are uneasy, because on the covered porch glassed in Hesed, in pleasant company and cozy fun. Our second outing this summer again gathered a lot of people. lit a small fire, roasted sausages, vegetables and bread, He plays the accordion, people for some time and have not seen

Good guest comes with gifts

Wonderful volunteer project "Good guest" again to please our customers with new culinary delights. This time the manager HBF "Hesed Besht" Angela Taraschan and volunteers Grinda Tanya and Tanya money decoction of potatoes, fill it with dill and butter, fried fish, hake. In addition to rely more cucumbers, tomatoes and bread, and for dessert was banana, multifruktory juice

Time to gather stones…

Members of the "lessons of historical truth" visited the former Jewish town Satan. Now it is famous for its healing waters, and once was known Jewish sages and righteous. Satanivs'kyi synagogue - over 500 years, It was built in 1532 year. However, folk legends Glass, she - not man-made and there before the world. People started to dig


Summer - a wonderful season. whenever, if not this time, selected for picnics? And he said,, that outing - a privileged young? Friday sunny day HBF "Hesed Besht" gave Day Center clients an opportunity to communicate with nature. We took with them all, need for outdoor recreation: brazier, commons, music and good mood. Told ÌÀÉÑÈ

Hurrah! We became winners!

Recently Khmelnitsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" received excellent news. The organizing committee and the advisory council of the National Competition "Charitable Ukraine" was given to our first fund in the category "Charity in the social sphere". We got a special prize and diploma winner. This is a very high evaluation of our work. This year HBF "Hesed Besht" marks 20 years of the foundation. these

Expedition to the edge Naddnistrianska

In the old Jewish cemetery 18-19 century with. Kurazhyn Novoushitskiy area are fraternal Jewish grave, where buried about three thousand victims of Nazism. More precisely - reburied with places of mass execution of Jews village callus. That village with dozens of other villages were submerged in the creation of the Dniester reservoir, and the grave moved to Kurazhin. Burial still has