Seminar on Yiddish culture

For the second time this year in our Hesed held a seminar on Yiddish culture. This time he held the Director of the Institute of Jewish Studies. Kyiv Yulia Smilians'ka. Yiddish Culture - another loss Holocaust. But even later, interest is language Yiddish among Jewish and non-Jewish population, of course, too early to count its dead categorized

Concert of Jewish Culture

A cold November day was significantly pryvitnishym those kam'yanchan, who had a town house culture in a wonderful holiday - Day of Jewish Culture. It gave the community the city Kamenetz-Podolsk staff and volunteers HBF "Hesed Besht". Introducing national culture - it is always interesting. Even more so - with such a unique and original culture, as Jewish! No wedding or

Healthy day

The desire to stay healthy as long as possible is everyone. However, each of us is ready to change my lifestyle and workout. Honor and praise to the people, who wondered about the problem of maintaining health, broke his ynertnist and twice a week in the gym come to Hesed exercise. We picked up a feasible system for

Presentation "Shtetla» №7

Our Foundation held an extraordinary event: presentation of literary and journalistic book "Shtetl» №7. The round table on this occasion was attended by scientists, historians, clergy, museum employees, libraries, The media and the public care about the city. "Shtetl» №7 issued to commemorate the pogrom Proskurivska 1919 g., during which nearly destroyed 1600 male. For some reason,? And

Dear friends!

Ended series of High Holidays, -prezhnemu but we are encouraged by the weather and the heat warms the hearts of each other. That is also warm and festive women's group Project Kesher at HBF ” Hesed Besht” held Shabbat and the last days of Sukkot. And World prosperity our homes and families regardless of date, mood and location!!! Hag SAME!!!

"Inspired pink ribbon"

11 October 2019. Indoor Khmelnytsky Regional Art Museum brought together women of all ages, To take part in art marathon "Encouraged pink ribbon". The event took place at the World Month and prevention of breast cancer. His staff had prepared and Foundation "Hesed Besht", Parties "Project Kesher" Irina Herasymenyuk, Natalia Gerasimenko Olga and volunteer project

Satanivs'kyi etnofestyval

Our talent gathered "gray-haired ladies and gentlemen" (you guessed, that this is a volunteer dance group Foundation "Hesed Besht" "Golden Years") presented to the audience his two dances at the festival of national cultures "Satanivfest". I must say, it was a real festival, not just rural concert. Its level was quite high, all day performers amused

Rosh Hashanah

Finally we came to the Rosh Hashanah! In connection with the Happy New Year, and in anticipation of the holidays, that he "discovers", Two meetings were held in the framework of the day center. Here we are all reminded of the traditions and customs, gathered for the New Year table, and remind each other, What is the true value of these days. In fact, after 10 days

"Hesed Besht" is a personalized stamp!

Now Khmelnitsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" has its own stamp. Stamps - though it is tiny, but very valuable works of art. They admired, they collect, eventually sold at auction, sometimes for big money. Our very pretty nominal mark contains images emblem HBF "Hesed Besht": Folk bird of paradise VMS, which the Almighty created, so that it is protected

A trip to the shrines Medzhybizh

22 September 1942 year - one of the most tragic dates in the history Medzhybizh. That same day in the village Yar German Nazis shot more than three thousand Jewish ghetto Medzhybizh. Traditionally, employees and customers HBF "Hesed Besht" Every year in September, attending mass graves Medzhybizh. No exception this year: We went there a big comfortable bus

Chesed – 20!

16 September HBF "Hesed Besht" met his 20-year anniversary. The celebration took place in the Music and Drama Theater named. Staritskogo, a circle of good friends and colleagues. Before the celebrations were held for the guests of the exhibition. Especially this day was published and distributed to participants of the festival newspaper Fund "Shalom Aleichem". The owners have taken care of and treat: was sweet coffee table, tea, juices, sweets

Published the Shtetl №7

Recently was published the literary and journalistic book "Shtetl". 7-edition completely dedicated to the centennial Proskuriv pogrom, occurred in 1919 p. Fall collections in the world preceded by painstaking job search. We found a lot of new documents, including lists of victims of massacre, extracts from log Jewish urban and rural hospitals Proskurivska, dressing of items from a list wounded during

The horrors of the Holocaust is not forgotten!

11 On September Izyaslavschyni historic event: in the woods in the direction of the village. Bileve in place at the shooting of Jews during the Second World War opened a monument Holocaust. This is the second monument in the area Izyaslav, sponsored by the American Foundation Tsalya Kaplun. At a rally-requiem came together and gathered many guests. With the United States landed the Foundation and Joseph Menaker