No one drama oblivion ...

15 February 1919 Proskuriv held in tragedy, that killed about 1600 Jewish. It was one of the bloodiest massacres in Ukraine, called the bloodbath Proskurivska. The Jewish community gathered at the monument to victims of the pogrom, щоб відзначити 101-шу річницю тієї різанини, пом’янути безвинних жертв і нагадати нині сущим про цю чорну сторінку історії. За переписом


Free, self-sufficient, critical thinking = mediahramotnyy! In the center of social assistance Khmelnytsky held a training on "Mediahramotnist, or how not to get lost in the information chaos ". Presenter Natalie Bhinder, candidate pedagogical sciences, dotsentka HHPA, teacher, interpreter, author, expert in media literacy, coach-coach, розповіла присутнім та показала на практичних прикладах, як розпізнати інформаційну манцпуляцію і захистити себе від впливу ЗМІ


Double holiday - twice better mood! The holiday Tu B'Shvat reminds Jews, wherever they live - they are inextricably linked with the land of Israel. 10 February (15 Shevat on the Jewish calendar) we will celebrate this holiday beautiful and life-affirming. It is also called New Year trees. Why? For all fruits, that mature after, вважаються

Remember for peace

Holocaust of European Jewry and the Holocaust in particular in our land staff and volunteers Khmelnitsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" studying and researching always - this topic is inexhaustible. But 27 January for our special date. On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, запроваджений рішенням Генеральної Асамблеї ООН в 2005 year, ми проводимо цілу низку заходів, щоб знову нагадати

Call announcement

Philanthropists Association of Ukraine announces the active phase of the National Competition "Charitable Ukraine - 2020". The competition is open and aims to support projects, held annually. The aim of the competition is to support and develop effective social-oriented philanthropy and volunteering in Ukraine by stimulating the best public benefactors and volunteers, their organizations and practices. The objectives of the Competition: popularization of charity and


25 Kislev, Hanukkah has come to us! In honor of this event, we decided to get together in a warm circle of friends with our wards within the day center. We had a great time, first talked about the history of this holiday, as well as its symbolism and significance for the Jewish people. We are all reminded each other, how to light candles in

Hanukalnyy concert

Every day in our Hesed place certain measures hanukalni: We're glad this is not just a wonderful holiday, but also fulfill the commandment maximum celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah. On Tuesday, 24 December, Our customers came to the Center for Social Assistance concert. They remembered the history of holidays, listened beautiful Jewish songs (and actively sang!), Hot applause greeted driving

Marathon started Hanukalnyy!

The first night of Hanukkah gathered female group of the "Kesher", acting at Khmelnitsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht". Participants talked about holiday traditions, hanukalnoho miracle story, repeated rules menorah lighting, looked great video with animation on the sand, dishes were treated hanukalnymy, enjoyed socializing. In light holiday lights and wonders comfortable participating project, joy and warmth.

Visited sanctuary Medzhybizh

Before the great Jewish holiday Hanukkah clients Foundation "Hesed Besht" visited the sanctuary Medzhybizh. Hot prayed at the grave of the righteous Baal Shem Tov, soul cleansed from sin, dropped notes with requests for family, took some water from the cistern of St. Beshta. Medzhybizh - place namolene. They say, powerful magical power of the righteous and the Baal Shem Tov healer helping people heal, fix complex


welcome anniversaries wound in our Hesed yore. We know itself: when coming home greeting cards with warm and cordial greetings, they are less warm shower, than gifts from relatives of people. Beautiful cards carry home our best wishes anniversaries. Recently we changed and set at your discretion new design postcards. And then thought,

worked effectively

Almost a year into our Hesed work project "Lessons of historical truth". It gave an opportunity to the participants all the time to actively explore and learn Jewish history and cultural heritage. The project we visited the holy places Medzhybizh, Belial, Yampol on the graves of righteous Jewish mass graves to victims of Nazism in Kamenetz-Podolsk, in Belogorskiy, Dunayivtsi, Novoushitskiy, Teofipolske, Izyaslav and other

Hebrew Club

In our Hesed Club is conversational Hebrew. Classes are held once a week. After the fifth lesson our students finished with great prejudice to drevnoyevreyskoyi language: if previously thought, explore outside of Hebrew speaking environment is absolutely impossible, now has even started talking in Hebrew! This progress gives confidence. The club will work next year, so turn to

Şaʙat şalom!

Celebrated Shabbat project participants "Masoretes" 29 November celebrated Shabbat together. Young members of the group with great interest to learn from those, who are older, how to properly wash your hands, pronounce blessings on candles, international, wine. We rehearsed and sang the national anthem, Queen Sabbath "Lecha Dodi", together we sang the song "Ose Shalom", We watched a funny video "It is the Sabbath?», Mays told. Ugostilisʹ glory, as well as