Women's coat

Hesed Besht managers call the fund's clients every day. Ask about health, well-being, emotional condition, identify material needs. During such calls, a considerable list of winter coats was formed. And soon, as part of the "Winter Aid" program, Hesed acquired 70 новеньких жіночих зимових пальто в асортименті. Легкі, теплі і при тому дуже красиві (бо дорогі!), вони прийшлися до

The collection of bids has been extended to 15 March!

There are many people around us, who do good deeds, help others. They do it from the heart and often do not even get a simple "Thank you".. The Charitable Ukraine contest is a great chance to honor philanthropists. You do good deeds or you know people, groups, organizations, engaged in charity? Подайте заявку на Національний конкурс «Благодійна Україна»! ЗБІР КОНКУРСНИХ ЗАЯВОК

Youth gatherings in Purim

About Purim is the happiest holiday in the Jewish tradition, a holiday of light and joy, more members of the Youth Club and volunteers of HBF "Hesed Besht". During the exciting board games, our guests learned, that Purim is commemorated in memory of the rescue of the Jews from complete destruction during the reign of King Ahasuerus, який правив Перською імперією. Сановник царя Аман надумав знищити всіх євреїв

Forgive me, cheerful Purim!

Cheerful clowns visited our Purim and sick clients of this Purim. With funny jokes, stories, Purim hotels. In gift sets - traditional triangular gomentashi ("Aman's ears"), food and sweets. Не зайвими в коронавірус виявилися й антисептики та захисні медичні маски. And wonderful handmade pendants "Magen David" – hexagonal stars of David, woven from beads,


Published report for 2020 year on cases of anti-Semitism in Ukraine. According to the report, the United Jewish Community of Ukraine reports, recorded last year 49 cases of anti-Semitism, as well as cases, which can be perceived as anti-Semitism, but they were not. The total amount of anti-Semitism is insignificant. OEOU states, that the level of anti-Semitism over the past year has remained unchanged by comparison

"Aman's ears" to Purim

Before the Purim holiday, there were incredible aromas at the Hesed Besht Social Welfare Center: traditional delicacies - gomentashi - were baked in the kitchen. The master class was attended by five members of the youth club: two boys and three girls. «Аманові вуха» будуть доставлені патронажними та командою волонтерів маломобільним клієнтам і людям похилого віку до свята!

Purim masks

In the creative workshop of HBF "Hesed Besht" 23 February, a master class was held at the children's club "Beshtyky" on making carnival masks. The head of the creative workshop Svitlana Tukalo told the children about the history and traditions of celebrating Purim, about the charming Esther and her scroll. Діти самостійно вирізали та прикрашали свої маски, from which they had great pleasure!

Youth club

17.02.2021 an online meeting of the Youth Club members took place, the leader of which is Pavlo Hetmanyuk and members of the Family Club. We offered our young people computer courses, talked about the history of Purim and decided on a further work plan and had a nice conversation.


Today we have turned another tragic page in the history of the Jewish people and the history of our city. 15 February 2021 p. fulfilled 102 years of the event, which in the historical literature was called "Proskuriv bloody bath". Members of the Jewish community and the concerned public of the city gathered at the monument-prayer to the monument to the victims of the Proskuriv Jewish pogrom, to pay homage to the bright memory of the many victims of the unbridled Haydamachyna.


9 In February, a memorial was desecrated on the site of a former Jewish ghetto, which operated in. Proskuriv in 1941-1942 years. "NEVER AGAIN!"Do we really want a repeat of the terrible tragedy of the Holocaust in modern times?? No! Therefore, it is our duty to remind every citizen of Khmelnytsky about it, where does the tragedy begin… According to Art. 11 Everyone should have the Constitution of Ukraine

Conversational Hebrew Club

For a while, members of the Conversational Hebrew Club met in class only on the Zoom platform.. After the lockdown, the Club resumed offline work with younger clients. Wards of age 60+ and then join live broadcasts of lessons online. The main thing - classes continue, and those, who wants to know their native language, has the opportunity to study it. And recently acquired by Hesed


15 February 2021 year is fulfilled 102 years of the event, which in the historical literature was called "Proskuriv bloody bath". Khmelnytsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" to hold a prayer rally to commemorate the victims of the Jewish pogrom. It will happen 15 February about 11 at the monument to the victims of the Proskuriv Jewish pogrom in. Khmelnytsky (on the street. Tolstoy near the house of mourning).

JCC online

The largest Jewish charity “Joint” (JDC) launched online television for Jews from CIS countries on YouTube – JCC online. According to the organizers, users no longer need to subscribe to various sources of information on YouTube, адже весь цікавий контент єврейської спрямованості зібраний на одному відеоканалі. “Усі ютюб-канали єврейської спрямованості, які існують, мають вузьку тематику. Наш канал об’єднує

Opening of the memorial plaque

27 January is the alarm date. On this day, all the progressive humanity of the planet celebrates the International Holocaust Remembrance Day., implemented by a decision of the UN General Assembly on 1 November 2005 year. Although World War II goes further and further, image_viber_2022-01-27_12-28-19-061. І сьогодні ми відкрили пам’ятний знак на місці проскурівського єврейського