In memory of Giora Moiseev

The Great Man is gone, of the Great Creator - Hyora Moiseev. He put a lot of effort into creating our Chesed. Israeli Giora Moiseev was a talented artist, wrote a large number of paintings, gave his audience good, joy, kindness of heart. We carry the light of his soul to this day, бо вважаємо наш Хесед його живою, його найкращою картиною. Ми працюємо за його баченням та настановами,

Let's connect

Even we in the deep rear feel the cold breath of war. Turning off the light became regular, and therefore there are interruptions in the supply of water and heat. But to deprive us of spiritual communication is not, the enemy here is powerless! Our online club "Let's connect!» підлаштовується під графіки вимкнення світла і змінює час роботи. Додалося трохи клопоту – обдзвони учасників клубу і сповіщення

Healthy day!

Age-old strength gymnastics is the "eternal engine", which starts metabolic processes in the body, prevents diseases, gives strength to overcome inertia and self-doubt. It is not enough to take care of a balanced diet and work regime, rest and sleep. Тільки фізичне навантаження дарує життєві сили і повну гармонію. Вдома важко себе примусити робити фізичні вправи. А в гурті, в колі


Why can't you look at the rainbow?? Can you sell a place in paradise?? Does Judaism allow abortion?? Can a Jew celebrate a non-Jewish New Year?? Does Jewish law forbid mat? You are interested in such topics? But this is only the tip of the iceberg! If you, дорогі друзі, запишетесь в клуб єврейської традиції «Масорет», ви довідаєтесь про іудаїзм значно більше і зможете


Today, a group of student youth from Khmelnytskyi region visited the museum and memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. This is an important part of our work - to tell young people about the tragedy of the Jewish people during the Second World War, to pass on the baton of knowledge about the beastly face of fascism to them, щоб подібне не повторювалося ніколи, з ніяким іншим народом.


Jews all over the world met 5783 year. In prayers and with joy. Well, the Jews of Ukraine – also with prayers for peace and great hopes for happiness. Today, our community also celebrated Rosh Hashanah. We did everything we could, щоб торжество було цікавим і веселим. Розповіли учасникам застілля про традиції свята, подивилися відео,

"Shalom Aleichem" newspaper!»

Every year, on the occasion of the birthday of the Hesed Besht CBF, the foundation publishes the newspaper "Shalom Aleichem" on paper!» (in the translation "Peace be with you!" is relevant, like never before). This year was no exception. І ось свіжий номер нашого літопису перед святкуванням 23-річчя Хеседу знову отримують читачі, переважно – клієнти фонду. На сторінках часопису – наш доробок за рік. Він

Kamianets: familiar and unfamiliar

Kamianets-Podilskyi is a special city, with an interesting history and its unique character. Each trip to its territory opens new unexplored pages. But if the old customers of Hesed have had the opportunity to admire the "Flower on the Stone" more than once (Kamenets is also called that), то наші новенькі підопічні з числа переселенців потрапили туди вперше. І були здивовані та вражені

Arranging the cemetery

More than two dozen Hesed Besht volunteers went to clean the 11th sector of the Khmelnytsky City Cemetery for the second time, that in Sharovechka. There is a lot of work: the boys are clearing the bushes, mow the grass, tolerate twigs and bushes. А після напруженої праці традиційно був смачний обід з різноманітними ситними наїдками. Справи посуваються не так швидко, як би хотілося, між могилами вкрай

Oleksiy Radetsky is our guest

He presented it to the people of Khmelnytsky, who participate in the project "Let's connect!», unforgettable day. His accordion playing worked like a pill for boredom, depression, high pressure, heart pain and a number of other diseases. Не годилося б ставити в один ряд такі різні поняття як насолода від музики і перелік хворіб, але наші учасники проекту – люди старшого

The Joint's relentless concern

These days, the Hesed Besht Foundation is providing humanitarian aid from the American Joint Distribution Committee to clients of all regional offices.. The hostess is very happy with the sets, because they include everything, what every family needs: cereals, macaroni, oil, sugar, scarce salt, canned fish and meat - up to appetizing and delicious sweets. Клієнти просять висловити щиру подяку нашим спонсорам

Sport gives joy and confidence

Everything is evolving, our sports activities have also become more intense, filled with more complex exercises. We picked up dumbbells, pumped up muscles, became much more trained, and it adds confidence. After classes, each of us feels the indescribable joy of the body, яку дарують активне навантаження на всі групи м’язів, весела ритмічна музика і щире спілкування. Тільки не треба нам

Shavuot was celebrated

6 In June, the Jewish community of Khmelnytsky gathered in Hesed, to traditionally celebrate Shavuot in the circle of acquaintances and friends. This is a very big holiday, it was launched in honor of a significant event in human history - the Sinai Revelation. On this day in 2448 році від створення світу сини Ізраїля отримали від Всевишнього Тору і Десять Заповідей, котрі стали морально-етичною основою

Picnics in honor of the holiday

What we know about Lag ba-Omer? Most of us will say (and will be right), that picnics with bonfires and barbecues are arranged on this merry holiday, and children shoot from bows, play moving games and have fun in every way. Але в першу чергу слід сказати, що це свято має духовне підґрунтя. Це день смерті великого єврейського мудреця і праведника,

They saw the war…

They are everywhere: from Zaporozhye, Luhansk region, Donetsk region, Kharkiv region, from other hot corners of the country. Now we have temporarily stopped at the Khmelnytsky Technological Multidisciplinary Lyceum with general education classes named after. A. Mazur. Sadness in his eyes, and this is understandable, they saw the war. But there is no despair, everyone believes, that our victory is near. Yesterday, this group of immigrants visited the "Hesed Besht" foundation.