The Joint's relentless concern

These days, the Hesed Besht Foundation is providing humanitarian aid from the American Joint Distribution Committee to clients of all regional offices.. The hostess is very happy with the sets, because they include everything, what every family needs: cereals, macaroni, oil, sugar, scarce salt, canned fish and meat - up to appetizing and delicious sweets. Клієнти просять висловити щиру подяку нашим спонсорам

Sport gives joy and confidence

Everything is evolving, our sports activities have also become more intense, filled with more complex exercises. We picked up dumbbells, pumped up muscles, became much more trained, and it adds confidence. After classes, each of us feels the indescribable joy of the body, яку дарують активне навантаження на всі групи м’язів, весела ритмічна музика і щире спілкування. Тільки не треба нам