Career guidance program for teenagers "Future profession"!

The Center for Professional and Personal Development together with the Khmelnytsky Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" and on its basis created a unique program for your children! During the month, teenagers will have the opportunity to visit excursions to various institutions in the city, to find out, якими є різні професії з середини. Цікавить галузь ІТ, робота управлінця, поліцейського чи, може, ще якась? Є можливість запитати фахівців

A picnic is the joy of communication

Why we are so attracted to nature? Apparently, so, that man is also a creation of nature, an integral part of it. Even a few hours, held in the woods or by the river, give strength, energy, promote good health, clear thoughts and charge with positive. Вчора ми знову зібрали на пікнік наших друзів-клієнтів і знову залишилися надзвичайно задоволеними від перебування в зеленому раю. we smoke holy,