Family Day

At the weekend we went to work again, this time accompanied by their relatives: to show them, where we work, in what environment, in what conditions and what exactly we do. And the team met the families of their colleagues. Заочно ми знали їх давно, і от нарешті випала нагода зустрітися. Ми показали гостям наш прекрасний Хесед, провели

Picnic by the lake

Nature in our country, apparently, not worse, than in Switzerland. Therefore, every exit to the green privilege is a holiday, departure from everyday life, it is a quiet holiday for the soul. In those few hours, that we spent near the lake in Grechany, we, figuratively speaking, відтанули і переповнились позитивом. А хороший настрій – це теж запорука доброго здоров’я. На пікніках