Model haircuts - free!

One of the services of the Hesed Besht Foundation for clients is free haircuts within the framework of the Interaction project.. At first, our wards were a little suspicious of the proposal, but those, who overcame their fears, have long been regular customers of Khmelnytsky salon "Charm". Перукарі не просто виконують акуратні і модельні стрижки, вони дають слушні поради з догляду за волоссям та фарбування, експериментують

Picnic in the lands of beavers!

Spring does not please us with warmth, but we are looking for opportunities, to admire the fresh herbs, listen to the birds singing, feel the breath of the earth. Our yesterday's picnic by the river between willows and green thickets is a clear confirmation of that. We had a good time: спочатку говорили про єврейські свята, далі – посмажили ковбаски і накрили багатий стіл, жартували, переповідали єврейські майси, просто

Congratulations! You are great!

The results of the National Competition "Charitable Ukraine" and the regional competition "Charitable Khmelnytsky Region" have been summed up. As a regional partner, Hesed Besht announces the winners in various nominations. In the nomination “Charity in the social sphere” 1 the place was taken by Open Company “Volochysk-agro” agropromholding “Astarta-Kyiv”; 2 place – Volunteer Community ХБФ “Hesed Besht”; 3 place – за Хмельницьким обласним товариством Всеукраїнської організації інвалідівСоюз