Charities are credited to heaven

We were born for that, to be useful to each other. Helping others is the highest measure of human kindness. "Rivers don't drink their water, trees do not eat their fruit, the sun does not shine on itself and the flowers do not smell for themselves. Життя для інших – це закон природи», – сказав хтось із мудрих. Благодійник, який не побажав, щоб його

Štetl № 8

The other day a literary and journalistic collection Shtetl G was published 8, timed to the theme "We are the people!». The prophet Isaiah spoke of the Jewish people: "Light to the peoples of the world". And really: he made many vital discoveries, left a lot of wisdom to mankind. Єврейський народ дав світу Мойсея і Ісуса з Назарету. «Почуй, о Ізраїлю, Господь наш Бог, Господь єдиний»ці слова, вперше

Holiday cards

Paraphrasing familiar words, let's say: nothing is so cheap and not so expensive, as attention. For the holiday of Pesach HBF "Hesed Besht" sent to our wards in small remote areas about a hundred bright greeting cards. Of course, they are not deprived of attention, працівники хеседівської мережі час від часу їх провідують, обдзвонюють, обдаровують всім необхідним. Але ще один вияв