We reduce distances

Spring began with good news for those patronized workers of Hesed Besht CBF in the regions, who were still forced to cover considerable distances to their wards on foot. They bought comfortable bicycles, easy, with baskets for luggage. Велосипеди от-от будуть відправлені адресатам.

Passover Seder

The greatest holiday of the Jewish people, Pesach, began. It will last eight days. For the second year, for obvious reasons, we can not meet, to celebrate it in the community. Але в цьому році карантин не став нам на заваді. Нас об’єднали платформа Zoom і прагнення відсвяткувати Песах разом. В п’ятницю ми

Pesach in keeping with tradition

Participants of the Day Center received food kits from Hesed Besht for Pesach, to celebrate this holiday with dignity and in accordance with the traditions of celebration. The sets included eggs, apples, walnuts, chicken thighs, green onion, juice, horseradish, - All those, що обов’язково має бути на пасхальній тарілці.