The Khmelnytsky Jewish community receives guests

Coronavirus pandemic, Fortunately, did not paralyze the life of the Khmelnytsky Jewish community. We have something to tell and something to show. The Kesher Project in Ukraine launched the project “Traveling with the Communities of Ukraine. Visiting ... ". And we had the honor to be the first, куди завітали жінки Проекту Кешер з України та навіть інших країн. 28 жовтня відбулася перша віртуальна подорож у місто Хмельницький

Mentally and family-wise

Shabbat was especially cozy and pleasant, which we conducted 16 October in our Center for Social Protection. Live communication, fun music and songs, delicious food, parables, Shabbat stories, – all this added a good mood and cordiality to our event. Apparently, кожен із нас дуже гостро відчув, як людям бракує таких душевних зібрань. Ми зустріли Царицю Суботу урочисто,

And again sitting in a cafe

Among the many activities, which we held before Sukkot, gatherings in cafes enjoyed the special affection of our clients. Chamber setting, cosiness, warm atmosphere, beautiful serving and serving, – all this set up a friendly conversation with old acquaintances (котрі бачилися з початком карантину лиш на екранах гаджетів під час онлайн-заходів). Основною темою розмови в

Shabbat meetings

Meetings before Saturday after a quiet walk in the city park, it seems, are already becoming a pleasant tradition. 2 October, a group of our clients again visited the cafe "Eclair" and in an atmosphere of comfort and warmth had a leisurely conversation. The topic of conversation – traditions of Sukkot. Delicious meal, приємна ненав’язлива мелодії, чудовий передсвятковий настрійвсе це навіяло теплі спогади окремих учасників бесіди про

Exhibition T. Yablonska

1 In October, our clients received a wonderful gift from the Khmelnytsky Regional Art Museum: opportunity to visit an exhibition of paintings by the folk artist, Hero of Ukraine, winner of many prizes of Tatiana Nilivna Yablonska. The story of the museum employee was extremely interesting, Hesed volunteer Olga Nikitina about the artist, її непросту долю та останню серію картин майстрині, писаних лівою рукою. Її роботи не можуть не зворушити,

Saturday: we teach young people

The Sabbath is the greatest for a Jew, the most solemn holiday. He has to work six days in the sweat of his brow, and on the seventh to fully enjoy the great gift of the Most High - the Sabbath: to celebrate at a much set table, praise the Lord in prayers and psalms, дати спочинок тілу і душі. Відколи ми стали проводити шабати онлайн, ми відчули, наскільки веселіше зустрічати шабат усім разом,