Call announcement

Philanthropists Association of Ukraine announces the active phase of the National Competition "Charitable Ukraine - 2020". The competition is open and aims to support projects, held annually. The aim of the competition is to support and develop effective social-oriented philanthropy and volunteering in Ukraine by stimulating the best public benefactors and volunteers, their organizations and practices. The objectives of the Competition: popularization of charity and


25 Kislev, Hanukkah has come to us! In honor of this event, we decided to get together in a warm circle of friends with our wards within the day center. We had a great time, first talked about the history of this holiday, as well as its symbolism and significance for the Jewish people. We are all reminded each other, how to light candles in

Hanukalnyy concert

Every day in our Hesed place certain measures hanukalni: We're glad this is not just a wonderful holiday, but also fulfill the commandment maximum celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah. On Tuesday, 24 December, Our customers came to the Center for Social Assistance concert. They remembered the history of holidays, listened beautiful Jewish songs (and actively sang!), Hot applause greeted driving