worked effectively

Almost a year into our Hesed work project "Lessons of historical truth". It gave an opportunity to the participants all the time to actively explore and learn Jewish history and cultural heritage. The project we visited the holy places Medzhybizh, Belial, Yampol on the graves of righteous Jewish mass graves to victims of Nazism in Kamenetz-Podolsk, in Belogorskiy, Dunayivtsi, Novoushitskiy, Teofipolske, Izyaslav and other

Hebrew Club

In our Hesed Club is conversational Hebrew. Classes are held once a week. After the fifth lesson our students finished with great prejudice to drevnoyevreyskoyi language: if previously thought, explore outside of Hebrew speaking environment is absolutely impossible, now has even started talking in Hebrew! This progress gives confidence. The club will work next year, so turn to