Şaʙat şalom!

Celebrated Shabbat project participants "Masoretes" 29 November celebrated Shabbat together. Young members of the group with great interest to learn from those, who are older, how to properly wash your hands, pronounce blessings on candles, international, wine. We rehearsed and sang the national anthem, Queen Sabbath "Lecha Dodi", together we sang the song "Ose Shalom", We watched a funny video "It is the Sabbath?», Mays told. Ugostilisʹ glory, as well as

Seminar on Yiddish culture

For the second time this year in our Hesed held a seminar on Yiddish culture. This time he held the Director of the Institute of Jewish Studies. Kyiv Yulia Smilians'ka. Yiddish Culture - another loss Holocaust. But even later, interest is language Yiddish among Jewish and non-Jewish population, of course, too early to count its dead categorized