Concert of Jewish Culture

A cold November day was significantly pryvitnishym those kam'yanchan, who had a town house culture in a wonderful holiday - Day of Jewish Culture. It gave the community the city Kamenetz-Podolsk staff and volunteers HBF "Hesed Besht". Introducing national culture - it is always interesting. Even more so - with such a unique and original culture, as Jewish! No wedding or

Healthy day

The desire to stay healthy as long as possible is everyone. However, each of us is ready to change my lifestyle and workout. Honor and praise to the people, who wondered about the problem of maintaining health, broke his ynertnist and twice a week in the gym come to Hesed exercise. We picked up a feasible system for

Presentation "Shtetla» №7

Our Foundation held an extraordinary event: presentation of literary and journalistic book "Shtetl» №7. The round table on this occasion was attended by scientists, historians, clergy, museum employees, libraries, The media and the public care about the city. "Shtetl» №7 issued to commemorate the pogrom Proskurivska 1919 g., during which nearly destroyed 1600 male. For some reason,? And