PR Report 11-12.2018 g.

American Foundation Tsalya Kaplun has initiated the construction of places of mass extermination of Jews during the Holocaust Monument memory. The opening of the monument of the first in this series was held 25 October 2018 At about the village Soshne Izyaslav district of Khmelnitsky region. In the valley, where in 1942-1943 years were massively shot more than two thousand Jews, gathered mass rally, which was attended by representatives


Rehabilitation programs "Jewish Happiness" Jewish Luck TATIANA Mokrousova Life is not always favorable to the person. In young age, when all is well and there is a wonderful family, good job, many reliable friends, it seems, that it will be forever. But there comes old age diseases, sorrows, Bereavement and sad thoughts. How can you not break? But a man stronger than iron. In this I

Day of Disabled Persons in Ternopil

For the International Day of Disabled Persons Charitable Foundation "Hesed Besht" carefully prepared and marked this day mass action. In Khmelnytsky Social Assistance Center held a very interesting concert with the body- and radïojwrnalïstkï, volunteer Oksana Radushinskoy. There were also visits by fund managers with holiday gifts for people with disabilities. interesting events, of the Day, It was conducted in